Villages seek to cultivate a sense of family, made up of singles, couples, and kids. All are welcome as we together discover what it means to be peacemakers in Seattle and beyond. This isn't a bible study, but it is a space where you will be known by others and will experience God's love.

A Village is a group of people (about 8-18) committed to living out a shared set of values as a spiritual family. They both learn what it means to care for each other and to encourage each other in a lifestyle of peacemaking.

They seek to:

  • serve together,
  • reflect on Sunday's sermon (and Scripture) together,
  • share about our highs and/or lows together,
  • and pray together

It takes a village to raise a child, as the old saying goes, and it truly takes a village to experience life transformation. It is impossible to become fully alive as a human being—by becoming more like Jesus—without the company of others. Jesus had about 12, plus several others—we need the same. 

If you attend Pangea on Sundays, checking out a Village is your best next step.

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