A core value at Pangea is Mystery: Ancient faith fosters wonder and refuses to put God in a box. The church in the twenty-first century is part of a narrative that goes back 2,000 years. The church throughout the generations, with its ancient practices and postures, is our story. And the more we lean into that beautiful and messy tradition, the more we know ourselves as followers of the way of Jesus. What we will notice is that until the last few hundred years, the church universally practiced elements of worship that involved all five senses—because, after all—we are humans worshiping God: not mere minds or voices. In this series, we will look at various ways Christians have worshiped God and grown as disciples of Jesus. We will also answer the "why" questions that emerge at our church, like: Why do we do the 'sign of the cross?' What is the Eucharist all about, really? What is the purpose of prayer? And so on. Ultimately, we will seek to follow Jesus and embody his way in our lives, worship, and practices.