As we look at Pangea Church’s story, several threads run through its vision to be “a church that follows in the way of Jesus, to inspire others in the way of love.” We are influenced by our Anabaptist heritage, contemporary evangelical (missional) ministry model, charismatic / spiritual formation approach to life with God, and liturgical practices. Our 5 core values flow out of these streams of the faith. In this series, we look at the center of our faith: a God of love. This God is boundless, unable to be captured by our ideas, while at the same time attempting to articulate the good and beautiful God we experience in Jesus by the Spirit. This boundless God is boundless in love, a love that relentlessly moves us to lean into our core values, with the ultimate hope: to see people transformed for the good of our city and world. This series is all about our vision and identity at Pangea.