Doing real world good through Facebook Check-Ins

Causley's Reach Check-in program partnered with Soles4Souls in January 2016.

Causley's Reach Check-in program partnered with Soles4Souls in January 2016.

Most of us are on Facebook daily, or at least once per week. Most of us also care deeply about justice and compassion.

Recently, we were awarded a grant through our denomination to enhance our visibility online. Interestingly, most of the newer people who have become anchors in our church actually found out about Pangea through the web. Online visibility isn't merely about marketing; it is about connecting amazing people to a community centered on Christ. Without being intentional about Pangea online, we would never have met several people we now call dear friends.

With this online grant, we've decided to partner with an organization that helps us achieve two goals simultaneously:

  1. help spread the word about Pangea, so more folks can find a church family,
  2. contribute to causes that do real world good.

This is why we are excited about working with Causley.

Each month we will highlight an international organization that is doing good. Our grant money, based on Facebook check-ins, will contribute to measurable acts of compassion. For instance, January is focused on getting clothing/shoes to kids in need through working with Soles4Souls. Every 10 check-ins from congregations around the country leads to an essential item to help kids across the globe. Here's a bit about the cause:

Causley is working with Soles4Souls to provide clothing to people in need. Soles4Souls was founded as a disaster relief organization after philanthropists and shoe executives provided footwear to those most impacted by The Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004 and Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Since 2006 Soles4Souls has collected and distributed 26 million pairs of shoes to those in need in 127 countries around the world and all 50 states in the U.S. Support this great cause by encouraging your community to check in on Facebook this month!

So, instead of putting up our simple slide encouraging you to check-in (like we have always done), we are now able to utilize Facebook check-ins as a way to highlight a great cause in our church. I hope that when you are at Pangea, you will check-in and help contribute to real world good.

Every month we will feature a new justice cause!