Creativity is birthed from our spirituality

At Pangea, we invite everyone to serve in some way. A core value for us is community--because we recognize that our gifts and passions go to a whole new level when used with others and for the flourishing of others.

Below is a growing list of opportunities to serve at Pangea, beyond the day-to-day ways you love your neighbors within the context of a Village. Most of these areas pertain to Sunday mornings.


Kids ::: Babies/Preschool (0-PreK), Elementary (K-5)--background check required.

Storytelling and Creative Design ::: the Pangea "street team"--social media, visual arts, creative spaces, video, etc.

Music ::: experienced musicians wanted! 

Production ::: lights, sound board, slides, and everything that makes Sunday gatherings run smoothly. 

Connection & Hospitality ::: making our space hospitable for visitors and committing to follow up with each person who comes through our doors. Greeters!!!!

***Peacemaking initiatives are typically localized through the grassroots efforts of our Villages.

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SErving with Kids

Kids Background Check: All Kids workers are required to be cleared through a background check. There is a fee of $16.75 which must be paid by the applicant. If finances are a stretch, please email us so we can try to make alternate arrangements. Thank you for your willingness to contribute in this way!