Kurt Willems ::: LEAD PASTOR

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Kurt Willems (MDiv, Fresno Pacific, MA in Comparative Religion, UW) is the founding pastor of Pangea Church. His passion is resourcing Christians to engage their faith in intelligent and humanizing ways, which he facilitates through his website Theology Curator. He is the host of two podcasts, the first of which is The Paulcast: A Podcast All About the Apostle Paul, which has been featured on iTunes "new and noteworthy" for spirituality & religion podcasts. His latest project, Rapture Drill, is a podcast dedicated to helping folks deconstruct and reconstruct their understanding of the so-called end times. Kurt writes for various print and online publications including his Patheos hosted blog, The Pangea Blog and is also on TwitterFacebook, and Google+. His latest project Kurt's academic work focuses on the historical Paul within Judaism and the Roman Empire. 

Kurt writes broadly on themes related to Anabaptism, historical background of the New Testament, spiritual formation, and Paul within his ancient world. Inviting the church to see the beauty of a nonviolent Jesus and the subversive nature of God’s Kingdom are just some of the key issues he engages. Kurt also utilizes the blogosphere to wrestle with various other theological, missional, formational, and cultural topics. Through speaking and writing, he urges others to both know and follow the resurrected Jesus on a countercultural mission of love. 

Prior to planting Pangea, Kurt served in various pastoral capacities, including student ministries and teaching pastor roles. He and his wife Lauren (special education teacher) moved to Seattle at the end of summer in 2013. They are the founding church planting couple, along with their daughters Lydia and Chloe, along with their puppies, Sadie & Mylee.

To get a basic "feel" for Kurt's approach to Christianity, you might start with his popular article: "8 Signs that you Might be an Evangelical Reject" or "Paul Didn't Believe in the Rapture. Neither Did Jesus. Neither Should You."


  • All things pertaining to vision, values, & strategy

  • Teaching Pastor

  • Active in a Village

  • Curriculum and Liturgy

  • Sunday Gathering design

  • Mentoring of Pastoral Staff and Church Board

  • Theological ethos

  • Social media

  • Other stuff...


Jenn Shaffer ::: Pastor for Spiritual Connection


Jenn's passions about prayer, diversity, and community in the Church are the focus of her role here at Pangea. She believes that every individual can pray, that prayer tends to look much more diverse than we may think, and that with Jesus it is possible to pray as one corporate, interconnected church family without fear of our differences. In her role as Pastor for Spiritual Connection, Jenn works to create space and resources for individuals to connect their spirit to God, themselves, and their Pangea family as they gather on Sundays, Villages, and within ministry teams.

Jenn comes from a wide variety of church involvement and pastoral roles, which have enriched her understandings of God and Church, even (or perhaps especially!) through the brokenness and challenges along the way. She has 10+ years experience of counseling and pastoring youth (aged 10 to 25 years old) in the Davis, Redding, and Santa Cruz, CA areas, as well as helping start a church plant near Grand Junction, CO as a musical worship leader and Core Vision Team Member. Jenn first became acquainted with Pangea Church at the launch service in September 2015.

In her free time, Jenn enjoys being creative with music and writing, and delights in practicing her very novice skills at watercolors. Good coffee, science fiction books, and any hike in the Pacific Northwest are a sure recipe for a smile and happy heart.


  • Prayer Team Ministry Leader

  • Facilitator and Resourcer for Prayer Gatherings

  • Assists in shaping Sunday Gatherings as a prayerful space

  • Musical Worship Leader and Oversight

  • Village Guide Curator

  • Helps implement the various aspects of Pangea's overall vision

  • Other stuff


Andrew Shaffer ::: PASTOR FOR Transformation & Administration

Andrew is a graduate of Taylor University and spent several years helping to lead a church near Atlanta, GA before moving to Seattle in 2013 to join the launch team for Pangea. Andrew is passionate about the growth and healing that happens as we walk through life in community together and discover reconciliation with God, each other, and our own souls. As Parker Palmer said, "We can be peacemakers in our small part of the world only when we are at peace within ourselves." In his role as Pastor for Spiritual Transformation, he functions as a resourcer for our Village groups and our retreat cohorts. Andrew enjoys immersing himself in Pacific Northwest beauty, small Seattle coffee shops, good music, engaging books, and authentic conversations.


  • Resourcer for Villages, especially in matters of spiritual formation and pastoral care

  • A guide and organizer of our quarterly retreat process

  • Active in implementing the various aspects of Pangea's vision

  • Helps connect new people to relational opportunities at Pangea

  • Other stuff

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